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Discussion: Security Risk Management and Localisation
27 April 2021
Last week, INSO was grateful to have the opportunity to join a discussion hosted by the European Union and Niger on...Read more
INSO Strengthens Support to Meet Growing Challenges in the Sahel
30 March 2021
Conflict is growing throughout the Sahel region. Tensions and challenges are mounting in Burkina Faso, Niger and Mali an...Read more
Discussion: Monitoring the Protection, Safety and Security of Humanitarian and Medical Workers in Armed Conflicts
22 March 2021
Last week, INSO was grateful to have the opportunity to attend and take the floor during a discussion co-chaired by the ...Read more
A Decade of Conflict: Risks Persist For NGOs in Syria
15 March 2021
Conflict in Syria began a decade ago today. Throughout that decade aid workers in the country have faced extreme r...Read more
INSO Launches New Online Learning Platform
04 February 2021
As Coronavirus brought in-person activities to a halt around the globe, INSO’s training team were determined to adapt ...Read more


Contemporary conflict poses unprecedented challenges to humanitarian organisations in delivering aid, and with that…
17 May 2021
The full report is available for registered partners. Find out how to register: (5/5)
17 May 2021
Each quarter INSO provides locally sourced information, data and analysis to help inform and support partner organi…
17 May 2021
The rate of NGO incidents which resulted in harm or injury to NGO staff also increased, with all incidents involving national staff. (3/5)
17 May 2021
NGO incidents nearly doubled this quarter, as the lifting of COVID-19 measures resulted in increased humanitarian m…
17 May 2021
In South Sudan, INSO recorded a record level of security incidents this quarter. This was driven by a substantial…
17 May 2021
CLOSING SOON: We are hiring Finance Managers in the Central African Republic & Niger. The roles are responsible fo…
17 May 2021
ICYMI: Conflict is growing throughout the Sahel region. In the past three years, displacement has grown exponentia…
16 May 2021
There is one week left to apply to be our mobile Safety Advisor in Afghanistan: Successful…
14 May 2021
INSO teams monitor incidents in 14 of the world's most high-risk countries for humanitarians, including the number…
13 May 2021