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INSO Launches New Online Learning Platform
04 February 2021
As Coronavirus brought in-person activities to a halt around the globe, INSO’s training team were determined to adapt ...Read more
Despite Coronavirus restrictions, 2020 saw only a marginal reduction in incidents impacting NGOs, reports INSO
13 January 2021, The Hague, The Netherlands - Despite worldwide Coronavirus restrictions, 2020 saw only a marginal reduc...Read more
INSO in 2020
22 December 2020
In a year of so much uncertainty, we have focussed on maintaining reliable support to NGOs operating in some of the worl...Read more
As Crisis Deepens in Burkina Faso, INSO Receives First Funding from Sida
20 October 2020
Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, 20 October – As the crisis continues to deepen in Burkina Faso, the Swedish ...Read more
World Humanitarian Day 2020
19 August 2020
This World Humanitarian Day we continue to call for the global humanitarian community to reinforce its commitment to ens...Read more


ICYMI: INSO has launched a bespoke online training on the essentials of NGO safety and security management. The pl…
25 Feb 2021
RT @INSOinfo: Conflict activity in Afghanistan reached unprecedented levels in 2020, with a 16% increase in recorded incidents compared to…
24 Feb 2021
Each month, we update our Key Data Dashboard with the number of NGO incidents our teams have recorded across 14 hig…
23 Feb 2021
There is one week left to apply to be our new Human Resources Manager, based in The Hague. The position will be r…
22 Feb 2021
Last year more than 100 new local and international NGOs signed up for INSO services, bringing us to a total of mor…
19 Feb 2021
Full reports are available for registered partners. Find out how to register: (5/5)
17 Feb 2021
Each quarter INSO provides locally sourced information, data and analysis to help support and inform partner organi…
17 Feb 2021
NGO incidents in the country increased 43% in 2020, compared to 2019, although the proportion of serious incidents…
17 Feb 2021
The emergence and mobilisation of armed groups in opposition to the presidential election process contributed to th…
17 Feb 2021
In 2020, the Central African Republic saw a yearly record in reported security incidents. This was likely partly…
17 Feb 2021