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INSO responds to NGOs call in Libya
14 June 2021
While somewhat recently stabilised, over a decade of conflict has left Libya with a complex security environment.In 2019...Read more
Vital learning and development: personal safety training in Mali
07 June 2021
“For me, INSO is the best placed organisation who can deliver a training like this one for humanitarians,” explains ...Read more
INSO to begin support in Mozambique
02 June 2021
Since late 2017 insecurity in northern Mozambique has been growing. Cabo Delgado, a province in the far north of the cou...Read more
Discussion: Security Risk Management and Localisation
27 April 2021
Last week, INSO was grateful to have the opportunity to join a discussion hosted by the European Union and Niger on...Read more
INSO Strengthens Support to Meet Growing Challenges in the Sahel
30 March 2021
Conflict is growing throughout the Sahel region. Tensions and challenges are mounting in Burkina Faso, Niger and Mali an...Read more


We are hiring two Safety Advisors to join our growing team in South Sudan. Safety Advisor positions are highly rew…
18 Jun 2021
CLOSING SOON: We are seeking an experienced Country Director to lead our Mozambique mission through its start-up ph…
17 Jun 2021
We hope to be able to strengthen the security analysis and incident alerts available for NGOs in Libya," explains I…
16 Jun 2021
“The more people that are trained in this kind of training, the easier it will be for humanitarians to have access…
15 Jun 2021
CLOSING SOON: We are recruiting a Training Manager in Mali to lead our training programme:…
15 Jun 2021
Tomorrow is the final day to apply to be our new Safety Advisor in Burkina Faso: The posit…
14 Jun 2021
On the request of NGOs, INSO will begin providing humanitarian safety services in Libya. Read the full story:…
14 Jun 2021
ICYMI: Free, practical and adapted to the context. INSO's personal safety trainings are designed to give field-bas…
13 Jun 2021
We are hiring a Deputy Finance Director to join our team in The Hague. The post offers an opportunity to use your…
12 Jun 2021
We are hiring an Information Manager to join our team in Hargeisa, Somaliland. The successful candidate will have…
11 Jun 2021