INSO gets a governance upgrade
We are delighted to announce a major expansion of our Board of Trustees, doubling from three to six members.

While a small Board proved highly effective during the early years, when agility and responsiveness were key, the significant growth of the organisation now demands a more advanced structure. 

Larger and more diverse Boards have been shown to have a very positive affect on organisational development.

The new members bring a variety of professional backgrounds and skills that will help us navigate the increasingly complex waters of non-profit governance and risk management:

Sonia Di Mezza – a qualified human rights lawyer, with more than 20 years experience with NGOs and the UN across the Middle East and South Asia, Sonia currently serves as deputy CEO for a disability advocacy NGO.
"Humanitarian aid workers make a valuable contribution to society and have the right to work in safety. This is what has inspired me to make a meaningful contribution to the important work of INSO” 
(Sonia Di Mezza)
Chris Roberts – with qualifications in business and international relations, Chris previously worked for DFID and the UK Governments Foreign and Cabinet Offices before taking on a fast growing UK start-up providing specialist capacity building support to British government-funded projects.
"I've seen first hand the critical gap in analysis, advice and support which INSO helps to fill in high-risk contexts. This work undeniably makes aid workers safer and assists in getting humanitarian support to those who need it.” 
(Chris Roberts)
Emmanuel Rinck – with qualifications in political science and development economics, Emmanuel has spent 13 years doing NGO field work across Africa and played a pivotal role in the development of many NGO security coordination mechanisms including the NGO Safety Project (NSP) in Somalia and multiple INSO's platforms. He currently serves as Desk Manager for the Horn of Africa and Great lakes at Solidarités International.
"I have been involved in the establishment and direction of NGO safety platforms in Somalia, Kenya, Nigeria and Central Africa with INSO, and I have seen the real difference 'before and after' this can make make. I am now pleased  to continue to contribute to INSO at a governance level."
(Emmanuel Rinck)
Despite acting as unpaid volunteers, the Board of Trustees holds full and final responsibility for everything INSO does and is responsible, amongst other issues, for maintaining the mandate, accountability & compliance, risk management and the overall financial stability of the charity.

We are delighted to have attracted such qualified and experienced individuals" said INSO founder and Executive Director Nic Lee. "These folks are much more than figureheads, they are real practitioners who know the sector from the ground up. This will prove immensely helpful in moving INSO on to its next stage of development".

INSO is the safety coordination system for NGOs overseas, supporting more than 800 national and international NGO across twelve high-risk countries. 



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