Research Consultant, INSO Strategic Review 2019

In 2017, UNOCHA reported that INSO safety coordination platforms had become ‘standard features of the humanitarian response in volatile contexts’. In order to explore and examine the details and effects of this development, INSO will be recruiting a research consultant to address the following:


Improving NGO Safety in Volatile Contexts: How has INSO impacted humanitarian safety coordination systems and what impact is it having on NGO policies, plans and practices in volatile contexts and beyond?


More specifically, the objectives of this study are to define and describe how the humanitarian safety infrastructure has changed since 2011, analyse and assess what this has meant for both the perception and practice of humanitarian safety as well as observe and outline the resulting incorporation and impact of humanitarian safety in broader discourses within the humanitarian system.


While primarily a study of impact, it will clearly differentiate between the impact of INSO on the humanitarian infrastructure and the impact of INSO on NGO programming. By documenting INSO’s overall impact to date, this review will provide a preliminary yet credible baseline for further research that will inform and instruct INSO’s ongoing aims and methods for evaluating impact.


The Strategic Review will be conducted over a maximum three-month period with the deadline for submission scheduled for Wednesday 1 May 2019.  


For more information related to the consultancy, and to submit your application, please click here:




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