Launch: Key Data Dashboard

This World Humanitarian Day we are proud to introduce the world's first Key Data Dashboard, which is now accessible on our homepage.

The fully interactive dashboard allows for the easy visualization of key NGO safety indicators across all of the high-risk countries where INSO operates*.

By improving visibility of global trends, we hope the Key Data Dashboard will raise awareness of the issue of humanitarian safety and make a significant contribution to both practice, prevention and research.

"While some good global data systems exist” said Executive Director Nic Lee "they tend to cover only the 20% of incidents which result in a staff death, injury or abduction. By adding the remaining 80%, our new dashboard allows data to be viewed in a wider context and could allow fresh insights.”

The initial review of 2016 data suggests that:

  • Overall incident rates remain stable at both the aggregated and country level with no single context showing a marked increase or decrease over the year. This would suggest an absence of general or systematic targeting of NGOs despite specific isolated cases of such.
  • That incidents resulting in a staff death, injury or abduction (i.e serious incidents) account for just around 20% of all incidents this year. Monitoring this rarely covered indictor over time will allow for more accurate ranking of the 'Likelihood axis' of any Security Risk Assessments (SRA) and help to direct sparse mitigation resources.
  • That Central African Republic is the most volatile environment for NGO, accounting for 27% of all security incidents across the monitored contexts. Despite less frequently resulting in a fatality, most incidents remain quite serious in nature such as armed robberies with intimation and violence. That CAR does not get the attention or urgency of Syria, Sudan or Iraq for instance could suggest some interesting discrepancies in how NGO perceive and respond to risks arising in different contexts.

The secure dashboard will be automatically updated with verified information from INSO's field platform network by the 8th of each month to provide a reliable and current global reference standard.

While currently covering only those high risk countries from which INSO operates directly, other countries will be added over time to provide a comprehensive global picture.

The Key Data Dashboard has been made possible by the generous support of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINBUZA) as part of our  'Improving Global Capacity in Humanitarian Safety' partnership.


Information from the dashboard is public record may be cited or reproduced with credit to INSO and the homepage.

*Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Ukraine, Kenya, Somalia, CAR, DRC, Nigeria & Mali




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