INSO to expand Syria response

As a result of extensive engagement with NGOs and donors, INSO will be expanding its Syria response to include a full regional presence adding Jordan and Lebanon to its existing presence in Syria, Iraq and Turkey.

“The Syrian conflict requires nothing less than a full regional response” said Benoit De Gryse, Director of the INSO Syria programme “and these measures will improve our ability to meet partners needs at a variety of levels while preparing for how the context may change over 2016 ”.

The 2016 strategy has an overall focus on understanding the impact that contextual changes may have on the NGO community in order to support partners mitigation and humanitarian access strategies from a number of perspectives.

The main elements of the strategy will include (i) the creation of a third operational team dedicated to covering eastern Syria, (ii) relocating the south Syria operational team to a newly established office in Beirut, Lebanon which will directly improve our support to partners and (iii) establishing a new regional analyst function in Amman, Jordan to engage with Syria regional response mechanisms as well as provide an outlet for broader strategic analysis and assessments.

“Training and capacity development, particularly for Syrian NGO and Syrian staff of international NGO, will also be a key focus for the years ahead” De Gryse added.

Partners wishing to know more about the 2016 strategy can contact the dedicated INSO Syria account at:




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