Global Senior Analyst
based in The Hague, Netherlands
Global Senior Analyst, INSO Headquarters
-based in The Hague, Netherlands (including travel)
Closing Date: 16 July 2020
Start Date: 5 October

INSO Background

Founded in 2011, the International NGO Safety Organisation (INSO) is an international charity that supports humanitarian aid workers by establishing safety coordination platforms in insecure contexts. INSO provides registered NGOs with a range of free services, including real-time incident tracking, analytical reports, safety-related data and mapping, crisis management support, staff orientations and training.

INSO services help NGOs with their day-to-day risk management responsibilities and improve their overall situational awareness to support evidence-based humanitarian access decisions. The organisation has grown from an innovative start-up to become a globally recognised charity and a valuable component of the humanitarian safety coordination system.

Today, with more than 900 employees globally, INSO provides daily support to 1000 NGOs operating in 14 of the world’s most insecure countries and has earned a strong reputation for its performance, principles and professionalism.

As of April 2019, INSO is registered as a charity in the Netherlands with its global headquarters now based in The Hague, the international city of peace and justice.

Job Summary

INSO is currently in the process of incorporating and upgrading its extensive repositories of in-country data from each of our 14 programmes into the Conflict and Humanitarian Data Centre (CHDC), INSO’s own innovative, interactive and internally designed software application. With instant access to a real-time conflict activity dashboard, comprehensive incident datasets and data visualisation tools, the CHDC will enable the adoption and enhance the application of evidence-based decision-making by INSO’s NGO partners regarding humanitarian safety and access.
By combining its unique access to the CHDC platform and INSO’s in-country teams, this role will primarily manage and contribute to the scheduled outputs and bespoke analysis produced by Global Research Analysts and Global Information Managers. Additionally, in order to more specifically inform and influence the global strategic and programming priorities of INSO’s partner NGO HQs, the Global Senior Analyst will also be tasked with identifying, leading and coordinating key areas for thematic research that address prevailing assumptions and challenges related to humanitarian safety and access.    

Organisational Structure

The Global Senior Analyst will report to, and is the responsibility of, the Chief Analyst, who is a member of INSO’s Global Senior Management Team and also based at INSO’s HQ in The Hague. As the analysis unit develops and expands, the Global Senior Analyst will be expected to manage a team comprised of two Global Research Analysts and two Global Information Managers.  

Key Responsibilities

* Compile and publish the Safety and Access Review, INSO’s global quarterly report examining the correlation of conflict activity and NGO incidents across our platforms.
* Work directly with the Chief Analyst in devising criteria, templates, processes and impact indicators for catered products responding to analysis requests from partner NGO HQs.
* Manage and contribute to the production, quality and presentation of scheduled analytical outputs and bespoke requests conducted by Global Research Analysts and Global Information Managers.    
* Identify and track opportunities for INSO to constructively inform and influence predominant global initiatives on humanitarian safety and access.
* Lead and contribute to global thematic research projects internally while also exploring options for collaborating with complementary academic or policy institutes.
* Cultivate and expand INSO’s existing partner and coordination network within the humanitarian community to directly involve NGOs and donors on an HQ level.
* Assist the Chief Analyst in developing department specific standards and policies, such as Conflict Analysis Guidelines and a Global Partnership Engagement Plan.
* Enhance the visibility and reach of INSO by strengthening exchanges and engagement with relevant actors beyond the humanitarian community.  
* Act as a global focal point for INSO’s Regional Analysts (LCB, Sahel and Syria), specifically regarding the internal coordination of thematic research and analysis training.        
* Monitor and target opportunities for INSO to participate in or present at conferences, fora and workshops concerning humanitarian safety and access.
* Ensure and reinforce the continuity and consistency between INSO’s consolidated internal data and externally distributed analytical products on a global level.
* Effectively represent and protect INSO’s principles of independence, impartiality and neutrality as well as actively promoting INSO as an integral member of the humanitarian community.  

Other Responsibilities

* Strategy Development. Assist the Chief Analyst in ensuring that the global vision and objectives related to CHDC analysis and research are activated and achieved.  
* Programme Support. Engage with other HQ staff, especially senior programme colleagues, in contributing to organisational development regarding analytical standards and quality.  
* Crisis Management. Offer support to enhance the awareness, preparedness or response of INSO HQ and its global partners in the event of an emergency.

The position and duties of this post require a great degree of flexibility and adaptation. Hence, within reasonable limits, the Global Senior Analyst may be required to carry out tasks that may not be explicitly detailed in this job description but are aligned with INSO principles and mandate.

Mandatory Requirements

* Fluency in English (required) and French (desired)
* Masters degree in International Relations/Political Science, Security/Conflict Studies, Humanitarian Action/Humanitarianism or International Humanitarian Law.
* Minimum 5 years of experience working in and on insecure or post-conflict environments, particularly for NGOs, international organisations, think-tanks or research institutes, and preferably in an analytical capacity.
* Demonstrable understanding of safety discourses and dynamics as they relate to the global humanitarian infrastructure, NGO programmes and coordination mechanisms.
* Proven experience of directing an analytical team in terms of establishing priorities, organising workplans, managing outputs and ensuring quality standards.
* Previous involvement in leading thematic and comparative research projects from internal design and coordination to external engagement and consumption.    
* Excellent analytical, writing and presentation skills.
* Ability to work both independently and collaboratively to tight deadlines.

Preferred Characteristics

* Strong comprehension of and familiarity with applying conflict analysis methods, conflict sensitive approaches and/or do no harm principles to programming.
* Relevant skills in developing, conducting and evaluating training modules focusing on conflict/context analysis literature, methodologies, standards and integration.    
* Pre-existing field experience, contextual knowledge, information networks and language skills from working in the humanitarian field or in a related area.
* Prominent involvement in the completion, publication and presentation of a research project(s) that required a methodological framework, fieldwork and coordination.
* Strategic commitment to incorporating and systematising analytical thinking into global humanitarian projects, programmes and policies.  
* Technical proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Power BI.

Key Personal Competencies

* Conceptual, critical and creative thinking  
* Managing and solving complex problems
* Effective communication and interpersonal skills
* Organised and diligent work ethic
* Empowering and inclusive team player
* Cultural and situational sensitivity
* Principled and consummate professional  

Terms & Conditions

This is a full-time position based in The Hague, offered on the basis of a renewable 12-month contract with a starting gross monthly salary of €5,000, a housing allowance (subject to qualification), 8% vakantiengeld (vacation pay) and 2.5 days of annual leave accrued per month.

How to Apply:

All interested candidates for this post are requested to submit their completed applications to no later than 16 July and ensure that ‘Global Senior Analyst’ is referenced in the subject line. Applications should be submitted in English and include:

* An updated CV (maximum 2 pages).
* A one-page cover letter detailing why you are interested in working for INSO and how your qualifications align specifically with the competencies required for the role.

Please do not send any additional information (such as certificates, diplomas, writing samples etc.) and keep the total size of your application under 2MB.

 Unfortunately, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted and invited to take a written test.

Safeguarding in Recruitment

INSO is fully committed to safe recruitment, selection and vetting of all potential new staff, trustees and volunteers and we will ensure rigorous compliance with our Code of Conduct and Safeguarding policy throughout the recruitment process. As such, the following safe recruitment practices will be applied:

* All offers of employment will be conditional on receiving at least two satisfactory professional references;

* INSO will ask candidates about significant gaps in employment history or frequent changes of employer and address;

* All essential qualifications and relevant professional accreditations and memberships will be verified;

* The successful candidate will be required to provide a valid proof of identity (passport, ID card);

* All new hires will receive an orientation in INSO’s safeguarding policy and procedures and associated documents (Code of Conduct, Whistleblowing etc.);

* All new hires will be required to sign and abide by the Code of Conduct as a condition of employment.