Saving Lives Together

Photo by UNHCR_SHolibakPhoto by S.Hoibak, UNHCR

In compliment to our core mission, INSO coordinates with the United Nations Department of Safety & Security (UNDSS) in order to facilitate effective NGO/UN cooperation under the Saving Lives Together framework.

Updated in 2015, Saving Lives Together (SLT) is a series of recommendations aimed at enhancing UN and NGO security collaboration in the field. Under the SLT framework, the UN and the humanitarian community cooperate in the collection, analysis and dissemination of critical security and safety information, while operational decisions made on the basis of such information remains the responsibility of the respective organisations. The current approach to SLT implementation focuses on the systematic implementation of SLT in all countries, missions and designated areas where enhanced United Nations-NGO collaboration is required.

The presence of dedicated INSO staff ensures the consistent, reliable and secure sharing of security information with NGOs and facilitates implementation of other aspects of SLT, such as, engagement with UN security managers, meeting common security related needs and collaborating and consulting on the development and delivery of training.