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Launch: Key Data Dashboard
19 Aug 2016
This World Humanitarian Day we are proud to introduce the world's first Key Data Dashboard, which is now acces...Read more
Request for Tender Applications - DRC
16 August 2016
INSO DRC has opened a request for applications to training experts (individuals, NGOs and firms) for the design and impl...Read more
Members Survey & Review
26 July 2016
We are delighted to release the summary of a recent Members Survey & Review.The review took in the vi...Read more
The Accountable Humanitarian Professional
28 April 2016
We are pleased to present our new Statement of Organisational Principles that will replace the Mandate section of our cu...Read more
INSO completes major data mapping project
07 March 2016
Following months of intensive background work, INSO has succeeded in introducing standardised geo-referencing ...Read more


Passionate about people? Join us in our mission to create the dream team: #NGOJobs
29 Sep 2016
#Afghanistan has 59% of NGO abductions for 2016 (49 persons). Reflects high rural presence of both victim and perpe…
22 Sep 2016
Are NGO fatalities increasing? Not so far this year according to #INSOdata: #ShareHumanity
18 Sep 2016
National staff account for 95% of NGO fatalities and 97% of injuries so far this year: #ShareHumanity
14 Sep 2016
So far in 2016, just 17% of NGO incidents have resulted in a death, injury or abduction. Important for perspective:
14 Sep 2016
#NGO Incident Map for Aug 2016. #CARcrisis continues to be the most volatile country for NGO operations. #INSOData
14 Sep 2016
@EISF1 @InsecurityInsig For NGO incidents only the figures are 29 incidents including 8 fatalities and 17 injuries:
14 Sep 2016
A total of 743 #NGO incidents year to date inc. 44 killed, 96 injured & 83 abducted. Explore the data yourself:
09 Sep 2016
UPDATE: Key Data Dashboard to Aug 2016: #ShareHumanity #NGOSafety #INSOData
09 Sep 2016
Want to support the humanitarian effort in #Iraq?:
07 Sep 2016