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RFQ for an external evaluation of INSO Somalia & Kenya Programs
16 October 2017
INSO has opened a request for applications for the external evaluation of INSO Somalia & Kenya Programs. The appl...Read more
Request for Applications for Editing and Printing of INSO training materials.
12 October 2017
INSO has opened a request for applications for the editing & lay-out and printing of INSO training materials for Cen...Read more
World Humanitarian Day 2017
19 August 2017
This World Humanitarian Day the International NGO Safety Organisation is calling for more measures to protect national s...Read more
INSO gets a governance upgrade
08 August 2017
We are delighted to announce a major expansion of our Board of Trustees, doubling from three to six members.While a smal...Read more
"Major progress" in NGO safety: UN Report
22 June 2017
The International NGO Safety Organisation has been cited as a “notable example” of the professionalisation of humani...Read more


Wrong to view these as 'less serious' than ME conflicts. #CARcrisis ranks 3rd in #NGO fatalities this year.…
19 Oct 2017
More than 900 NGO incidents so far in 2017, with 58% occurring in #CARcrisis #Mali and #DRC. Access/exposure and at…
19 Oct 2017
#NGO incidents across the countries we monitor for Sept. 105 total (down from 121 July) with #CARcrisis remaining m…
19 Oct 2017
Our Key Data Dashboard updated to end of Sept 17 is now available: @reliefweb @humdata #NGO #NotATarget
19 Oct 2017
Committed to supporting those who help others? Ready for a real leadership role? We may have just the job for you:
18 Oct 2017
@lpnissen @ACAPSproject Agreed. Plus more integrity from those who knowingly muddy the water. Inability of audience…
17 Oct 2017
@jamesdenselow @InsecurityInsig Just fyi, 31 NGO incidents in Syria alone Apr-June 2017. See accurate data here:…
17 Oct 2017
Good work @ACAPSproject! Not all data is created equal. Presence, method and agenda affect everything. Critical rev…
17 Oct 2017
#CARcrisis is escalating. High volume/low impact incidents have been replaced by high volume/fatal incidents:…
26 Sep 2017
AUG worst month of 2017 with 13 #NGO fatalities. #CARcrisis remains most violent context we monitor: See more:…
18 Sep 2017