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INSO Somalia - Expression of Interest
INSO is a non-profit humanitarian organisation providing dedicated safety support services to the NGO community in confl...Read more
RFQ - Personal Safety Training, Somalia
18 October 2016
Attention Training Providers: INSO Somalia has launched a Request for Quotations for Personal Security Courses ...Read more
Launch: Key Data Dashboard
19 Aug 2016
This World Humanitarian Day we are proud to introduce the world's first Key Data Dashboard, which is now acces...Read more
Request for Tender Applications - DRC
16 August 2016
INSO DRC has opened a request for applications to training experts (individuals, NGOs and firms) for the design and impl...Read more
Members Survey & Review
26 July 2016
We are delighted to release the summary of a recent Members Survey & Review.The review took in the views of som...Read more


So far in 2017: 184 incidents, 9 dead, 21 injured & 6 abductions. Monitor our dashboard for monthly updates.
23 Mar 2017
2016 summary stats: 1,179 NGO incidents, 92 dead, 154 injured, 108 abducted.
23 Mar 2017
NEW & IMPROVED: Now filter our key NGO safety data by year & country. Updated monthly.
19 Mar 2017
Passionate about #NGO safety and keen to serve in the public interest? We may have just the opportunity for you:
22 Feb 2017
NGO security incidents for Jan 2017. Four fatalities. Track all 2017 data on monthly basis:…
16 Feb 2017
Donor cooperation for global innovation! Thanks: @eu_echo @DFID_UK @theOFDA @NorwayMFA @MinBZ @AECID_es
02 Feb 2017
Abduction/kidnap was not a major issue for NGOs over 2016 with >80% of all cases in #DRC and #Afghanistan alone. Most released unharmed.
25 Jan 2017
The evidence for risk transfer is clear: 97% of NGO fatalities in 2016 were national staff: #RealFacts
25 Jan 2017
Over 2016, #Syria remained the most violent context in terms of NGO death and injury while #CARCrisis saw the highest absolute numbers.
25 Jan 2017
See fully updated figures for all of 2016 on our Key Data Dashboard:
25 Jan 2017