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The Accountable Humanitarian Professional
28 March 2016
We are pleased to present our new Statement of Organisational Principles that will replace the Mandate section of our cu...Read more
INSO completes major data mapping project
07 March 2016
Following months of intensive background work, INSO has succeeded in introducing standardised geo-referencing ...Read more
3rd Annual Directors Conference
01 February 2016
27-28 January 2016: The Directors of INSO platforms from CAR, DRC, Mali, Kenya, Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine,...Read more
INSO to expand Syria response
30 December 2015
As a result of extensive engagement with NGOs and donors, INSO will be expanding its Syria response to include a full re...Read more
Green light for INSO Nigeria
12 November 2015
Following a detailed scoping mission (Abuja, 6-18 October) which met with a variety of NGOs, donors, UN and other stakeh...Read more


@7piliers Agreed. Updated 2016 figures in the attached.
23 May 2016
In #HR and looking for the ultimate job? A rare and exciting opportunity: #ngojobs #ngosafety
19 May 2016
INSO Index updated thru 30/04/2016.
17 May 2016
INSO Index updated thru 31/03/2016. Abductions down on same period 2015 (48). See site. #ngosafety #aidsecurity
11 Apr 2016
Introducing 'The Accountable Humanitarian Professional'. Our new Principles Statement released: #AidSecurity #NGO
28 Mar 2016
INSO is looking for a training partner in #CAR:
15 Mar 2016
Calling all #NGO administrators. Help us support NGO safety in #Iraq:
15 Mar 2016
Thinking about 'after-care'? Remember, nearly twice as many NGO staff were injured as killed in 2015, many serious.
10 Mar 2016
BREAKING: INSO Index updated thru 29/02/16. NGO fatalities up >45% on Jan/Feb 2015 driven by Syria w/15. See site.
08 Mar 2016