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RFQ - Personal Safety Training, Somalia
18 October 2016
Attention Training Providers: INSO Somalia has launched a Request for Quotations for Personal Security Courses ...Read more
Launch: Key Data Dashboard
19 Aug 2016
This World Humanitarian Day we are proud to introduce the world's first Key Data Dashboard, which is now acces...Read more
Request for Tender Applications - DRC
16 August 2016
INSO DRC has opened a request for applications to training experts (individuals, NGOs and firms) for the design and impl...Read more
Members Survey & Review
26 July 2016
We are delighted to release the summary of a recent Members Survey & Review.The review took in the views of som...Read more
The Accountable Humanitarian Professional
28 April 2016
We are pleased to present our new Statement of Organisational Principles that will replace the Mandate section of our cu...Read more


@OCHA_CAR & importantly these attacks led #CARcrisis to rank 2nd for NGO Injuries in 2016 ahead of #Afghanistan, #Iraq & #Somalia.
29 Dec 2016
(4/4): Effective policy will address the most likely scenario first – national staff fatality in 5% of incidents. #INSOData
12 Dec 2016
(3/4) More than 97% of fatalities are national staff. International staff protection is important, but not at all the priority.
12 Dec 2016
(2/4) <5% of all incidents result in a fatality. NGO deaths are the exception, not the rule, and should not be isolated from their context.
12 Dec 2016
(1/4): In considering policy & practice, it important to consider two critical facts from this years #INSOData:
12 Dec 2016
UPDATED: Key Data Dashboard to NOV16: 1,097 Total Incidents inc 90 fatality, 147 injury & 104 abductions. #INSOData
12 Dec 2016
MAPPED: #NGO incidents during NOV16 (118 total). #Syria #Afghanistan #CARcrisis #DRC #Mali #Gaza #Iraq #Nigeria
12 Dec 2016
We believe that innovation should result in measurable change at the field-level where it matters most. Proud of ou…
28 Nov 2016
Jan-Oct 2016: Total NGO Incidents, 964 / Killed, 69 / Injured, 126 / Abducted, 99. See more at: #INSOData
10 Nov 2016
Need accurate, timely data on NGO safety? It's finally here: Please spread the word for a more informed community.
10 Nov 2016